Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Travels

For most of the month of July, C and I took Wiggle to both sets of parents' houses. We had a quick stop in KC on the way to Dallas, which was a wonderful way to break up the nearly 20 hour drive. After a couple of days and the requisite stop at our favorite Tex-Mex place for brisket tacos, C left for a conference in Brisbane, Australia.

Fun at Mia's

Wiggle and I spent our time hanging out with the family. We went swimming with Aunt K and Cousin X.

Wiggle Enjoying the Water and the Attention

We also went to a tap performance by Uncle C's girlfriend, S. She was awesome, and the whole show was a lot of fun. I didn't get any pictures of the actual dancing, but I did get a couple of Uncle C and Grandpa A hanging with Wiggle.

Wiggle also spent time laughing with his Grandmother.

Who do you think is in charge here?

Isn't Uncle C handsome?

While we were doing our Dallas thing, C was in Australia doing his own thing.

Keeping a respectable distance from an emu.

Feeding kangaroos.

Sand Tobogganning.

I normally don't melt at pictures of cute animals, but come on - these look like posters for elementary school classrooms.

Finally, C came back, much to my and Wiggle's relief. Upon his return, we went to another favorite Dallas haunt - Adair's. They have a very good burger, Shiner is on tap, and the atmosphere is decidedly Texas. I don't always consider myself a Texan, but when I go to a place like Adair's, I feel like the Republic of Texas isn't such a crazy idea.

C and I managed to have a night to ourselves, too. (Thanks, Grandmother and Grandpa!) We went out for dinner. I even had a drink - a mojito so good, I almost ruined my night by having another. Instead, we opted for dessert -

A slice of the cake we had at our wedding.

On the way back we stayed for an extra day in KC, where C and I were able to see 2 movies by ourselves. (Thanks, Grandma R , Aunt M, and Uncle B!)

All in all, it was a wonderful trip, but I must say I was happy to be home at long last.