Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Day-O

I am always conflicted at this time of year - the beginning of a new year. Part of me wants to take the turning of the calendar as a signal to turn over some new leaves for myself. List the resolutions, make the changes, look to the future. The other part of me thinks it's silly to join the throngs of people making what will almost certainly be mostly empty promises to themselves, and instead enjoy where I am at the moment. 
Theoretically, I can and should make new goals for myself whenever the need arises, not because of some arbitrary day on the calendar. But I do like to make lists. And with two young kids, the need to make goals (read more, exercise, be more patient, etc) arise all the time, but I hardly have enough breathing room to acknowledge them to myself in the moment, let alone sit down and make a reasonable plan about achieving them. 

Right now, we are staying at C's parents which has meant that we actually get a little more sleep and some time to ourselves each day, so I am thinking that I might just take advantage of the mental space I have acquired and jump on the resolution bandwagon while I'm here. Otherwise, I may wake up tomorrow to find it's 2014.