Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dragging My Feet

So my school semester just ended yesterday. C still has some final papers and finals to contend with, so there will still be a lot of grading time in the next two weeks. Meanwhile, C put lights on the house, and I managed to scramble together the advent calendar for Wiggle, but that is really the extent of our holiday  planning.

I don't know know why I insist on going back to school because when my life is ruled by the semester, I quite literally shut down by the end of it. This last week, with a final paper hanging over my head, I have slept and lain in bed staring at the ceiling for more hours than I care to count. I felt paralyzed. The paper plus the regular holiday stuff was just too much to think about, so I didn't: I didn't think about anything. Of course, there were mitigating circumstances - Wiggle was down with a vague virus last week that had him feverish and out-of-sorts for four days. I have been coming down with a head cold which adds to my general fogginess. And of course, Buster spends most of the day trying to find new ways to put himself in danger. Hey, this is life, right? I hate to sound morose, because that is not my general feeling, but sometimes, at the end of the day, with the prospect of more to do tomorrow, I can't help but slide down a little bit.

The terrible thing is - I LOVE the holidays. I love the lights, the tree, Santa, gift-giving, gift-receiving, cookies, fires, family, etc. I am a sentimentalist by nature, so the traditions are things I look forward to, even the smallest, most miniscule one. I don't even mind the Christmas music in every store. I love everything about Christmas. Except that Christmas and all of the traditions are about family, and while I'm happy to both continue the traditions of yore and start our own family traditions with the boys, I miss MY family - my family of origin, the place I learned to love these traditions I am carrying on.

Now, let me be clear. When I go home, I am not a child. I do not still get a stocking from Santa, my mom doesn't do my laundry, I cannot spend all day in my pajamas, but I don't want any of those things. I just want people around me who share my history, or who share A history. It's a little lonely starting your own history, especially when you remember fondly the history that is already past.

So overall, the holidays are a mixed bag for me. I miss the traditions of yore, while holding onto them and wishing they were all the traditions I was passing on.

Of course, the boys don't know anything about the history of a tradition. They just know whether we do something or not; so I try to do as much as I can muster. That is the duty of a parent.

I should have pictures; that is my duty. But I have only a few, far fewer than is my public obligation.

Who doesn't wear seersucker to Thanksgiving? 
Can I offer you something?
I like to  carve.
And preside over the table...
Ahhhh! Refreshing lemonade.
Two boys in the bath.
This is my Christmas tree.
Santa eats soft-boiled eggs.
And I always wear blazers to bed, don't you?
The Incredible Hulk.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Last night we were treated to a rare sighting of the fleece-footed owl. I was lucky to take a quick pic before he came right over to where I was and alit on the couch next to me. This was an even rarer sighting because fleece-footed owls are NOT SUPPOSED to be nocturnal. Lucky me?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pics from Fall

At Burke Lake Park enjoying the leaves
We got a dog!
Her name is Isis and she's a cutie.
First hayride
Sliding at Cox Farms.
Pumpkin angst.
Angst subsiding with the arrival of big brother.
Brotherly hijinks.
New haircut.
I installed a swing in Wiggle's room. And he has a pillow corner!
An astronaut in the house.
An astronaut and a goof.
Yes, he's winking - on purpose.
Young Leo DiCaprio?
Orange overalls are awesome.
He's always up to something...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So another Halloween has come and gone. This one was a doozy. We had a Halloween party this weekend with a couple of kids from school. I forgot to take any pictures of course, but there was lots of running and playing and jumping and such. A good time was had by all, I think.

Tonight, we got the boyos dressed and took some pictures on the front steps.
More pictures? Jeez, Mom.
Two guys ready to hit the neighborhood.
And then some parental pics.

Wiggle was too excited to stand for pics with us. When we asked, this is what I got...
Trick-or-treating is this way!
On the move with Wiggle leading the way.
C took Wiggle down the block to his friend, A's house so they could go trick-or-treating together. He walked with them and with A's mom, P back to our house and then he took the dragon into bed.
Being a dragon this cute is exhausting.
I then took over and chaperoned the boy's with P for another block and a half. We saw a number of our neighbors and their kids out; it was nice to see familiar faces and feel like we know the neighbors a little more now. The boys had a blast and were totally tuckered by the end.
Surveying the loot.
Spying something good.
I let him eat five pieces tonight. He chose some apple heads, a rolo, a bit o'honey, a piece of taffy, and a full size Hershey chocolate bar. He spit out the bit o'honey, half of the taffy, and left half of the Hershey's bar. He then announced that he would eat the rest of the candy tomorrow. I quickly disabused him of that notion. 

It didn't feel like we had that many trick-or-treaters at the house, but the ones that came were adorable, polite, and generally well-behaved. It was wonderful both to walk the streets with the boys and to man the door; I am glad we are in for a few more years of this!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Daddy Day

That's what Wiggle called Father's Day.

It was a day punctuated by minis. We started the day with mini chocolate babkas that I made (with smittenkitchen's recipe). Wiggle presented C with his gifts he made at school - a footprint bookmark and a painted paperweight, and his gifts from us - a wallet and a trilobite keychain I made, but Wiggle thought of.

Bountiful babkas

Then it was off to mini golf. 
Check out this dedicated daddy
Checking out Daddy's putter
Putting is serious business
Really serious business
Do you like my Elmo backpack?
Crossing to the "back" nine
After nap, we went to the pool to cool off and goof around.

Then we grilled fajitas. Chicken fajitas with all the fixin's which we ate on the patio on a glorious warm and beautiful evening.
Check out this grill master
He ate three fully stuffed tortillas with "everything!"
After dinner the usual bedtime routine with plenty of Daddy-Wiggle story time.

Buster was listening intently too
Some before bedtime brother snuggles

A relaxed, easy, fun day. A very good "Daddy Day" from my perspective, and I believe that C will back me up on it.