Thursday, June 25, 2009

We've Had a Breakthrough!

Of a tooth, that is. On Thursday, C and I took Wiggle to the Northside to escape the oppressive heat. While C sat at a coffee shop and worked, Wiggle and I strolled around going to various stores to (mostly) window shop. In the elevator in Crate and Barrel, Wiggle started crying inconsolably, but I couldn't figure out why. He finally calmed down in my arms in Pottery Barn. As I sat there coveting the new living room rug I want, I absent-mindedly gave him my finger to suck on, and then I felt it - the lower right front incisor. I am certain now that his earlier crying was the actual coming through of the new tooth. I tried to take a picture, but he is super wiggly and has taken to keeping his tongue over the new protrusion. He will have the matching left one within a week or two as we can see the tooth through the swollen gum now. He seems very proud of himself and now possesses what can only be called a sort of gravitas that he did not have before the tooth. If you don't believe me, just ask his grandma or great aunt. They saw it right away when they were Skyping with him last night. So there.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

KC Here I Went

C and I recently returned from a visit to his parents in Kansas City. We had a wonderful time and Wiggle received much love from the grandparents, his uncle, and his great aunt. C and I were able to see 2 movies and go out to dinner all Wiggle-free which was wonderful. All the attention from other people was wonderful for the baby, but he wasn't used to being away from me for very long which has resulted in his being VERRRY clingy. He cries unless he is in my arms and he barely even looks at his dad when he holds him. It's very sweet, but also a little taxing. To all the moms out there reading this - I know, I know, it will get worse in the next few months, but I wasn't ready for it yet.
Anyway, in KC we went to the movie The Hangover which was pretty funny, and even better because C and I were by ourselves and were able to hold hands. Beforehand, we went to Oklahoma Joe's one of my favorite barbecue joints. While my view of bbq is decidedly catholic, nothing tops beef brisket in and around Lockhart, Texas. The charm of Oklahoma Joe's, which has decent brisket and good pulled pork, is that everything is pretty good. Normally, I avoid the sides and extras when eating bbq, because, well, it takes away room for the meat. Plus, the "filler" is generally of a type that you can buy at any supermarket deli counter. At Oklahoma Joe's however, one of my favorite things is the baked beans. Also, the spicy slaw is good, the fries are delicious, and they even make some decent onion rings. This makes eating there a mixed experience - good because the food is great, and bad because it is almost impossible not to get too full.
Other food enjoyment included grilling steaks on the back porch. Of course, we had to stop by a farmer's market to get some great local produce.
We also went to the Deanna Rose Farmstead which is a totally awesome park with a petting zoo, ducks, swans, a Texas Longhorn, some birds of prey, a milking barn, and tons of playground equipment. Best of all, it is walking distance from the Grandparents' house and is free. Wiggle had a lot of fun looking at the other children and thought the animals were ok too. At the petting zoo, he fed a goat; he thought the goat licking his hand was pretty cool.

When Grandpa speaks, Wiggle listens!
Grandma with two of her favorite guys.