Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Things

Yesterday I went to get a long overdue haircut, so C had Wiggle for the afternoon. When I came home (after getting on the bus in the wrong direction - boy, do I need to get out more!), it was to this scene.I think I'm a pretty lucky girl and that Wiggle is a pretty lucky little guy to have such a wonderful husband/dad.


  1. And I am one lucky Grandmom, first, to have such a beautiful grandson/daughter/son-in-law, and also to live in a time where we have this amazing technology, and you can blog about this and post a pic and I can see it all almost in real time. A letter and snapshots a few weeks later just somehow wouldn't be the same.

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  3. Just saw these...yes, I am late in doing so, but what wonderful pictures which will turn into wonderful memories, if they haven't already. He's very cute.