Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Lovin'

The farmer's markets have finally opened here with the first offerings of great local produce. A couple of weekends ago we took Wiggle to the Green City Market in Lincoln Park. Wiggle helped supervise all of the purchases.You can see the family resemblance, no?

It looks like Wiggle is the boss of this operation.

Then we stopped at the Farm-in-the-Zoo to look at the animals. We saw an extremely agitated cow, and for the first time I was happy to have a fence between me and a cow.Wiggle seemed to think the cow was whack as well.

We had better luck with the pony. Too bad we couldn't pet him.
The trip went so well, we may hit the actual Zoo in a couple of weeks.

The fresh bread, cheese, and outstanding mushrooms we got at the market were wonderful too.

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  1. Wiggle clearly thinks the cow is wacko! And the cow LOOKS wacko!