Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fun in a Box

It is officially cold here. It's OK; it is late November, I'll allow it. It is also sunny today which made me think it was warmer outside. Faced with the almost freezing weather, I stayed inside, put on a fuzzy cardigan and thought of warmer days just a few weeks ago when we could play outside.

Here are some pics from Wiggle's first time in the sandbox at the park. He loved playing with the toys, the other kids, picking up and letting go of sand, trying to eat sand, and generally getting dirty. We also have a tiny sandbox in the backyard that he enjoys getting in and out of almost as much as he loves playing with the sand.

When we go back to the sandbox in the spring, he will probably be walking and talking (some). Weird.

Thanksgiving post to follow...

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  1. I see his Mommy's beautiful green eyes in picture 2...