Friday, March 19, 2010

Museum Fun

We walked over, with J and Cutie, to the Museum of Science and Industry this afternoon to take advantage of one of their ever decreasing "free days". Everything was bright lights, whirlygigs, and colorful buttons, so the kiddos were overstimulated by the time we made it to the actual exhibits. I think Wiggle could have watched the see-thru elevator for 20 minutes if I'd let him.

We spent the most time in an exhibit about the importance of petroleum in toymaking. Wiggle was captivated by a large drum, filled with various toys, that you could turn Wheel of Fortune-style.

He also had fun making faces at me from behind a window.

There was also a pretty cool exhibit about weather that was fun for adults and kids.

The little mad scientists are controlling the tornado of fog in the background.

I don't know what weather effect this was supposed to be, except that it had to do with water. There were three circles like this, and for some reason Wiggle would only walk into the center of one of them. He would only walk around the edges of the other two. I don't know why; I don't know if he knew why.

All in all, a fun afternoon that tuckered all four of us out. Next week, Wiggle and I are going to brave the new Matisse exhibit at the Art Institute. I've been looking forward to it for about a year, so hopefully I'll manage to get to it a couple of times before it closes.

In other news, I completed my first 5K this past weekend. Woohoo me! I didn't run it all, but I still felt pretty awesome about it. Also, I went to the dentist yesterday, and she could totally tell I've been flossing regularly. For some strange reason, I think she was a little disappointed at first, but she eventually recovered and said she was very impressed. Anyway, resolutions are paying off so far. I may need to redouble my efforts regarding bed-making and cleaning in general.

I've made some progress on the kitchen re-org, but I'm going to wait until the whole thing is finished before the "reveal."

This week has been one long to-do list that just seems to get longer, instead of shorter. Hopefully, I will make some progress on the list this weekend, so next week will feel less hectic.


  1. Well, I'm very impressed with what you've accomplished, and what you continue to accomplish. Congrats on the 5K; that's TERRIFIC! And yeah, I floss regularly too, and use the electric toothbrush for 2 minutes twice a day so my gums are in great health, and I always get the impression they're a little disappointed at the dentist's office.

    It's amazing to see Wiggle walking around. He's SO cute! I love the pics!

  2. Love the pictures. As for the circles of light, it's another case of "you-can-led-a-child-to-a-thought-but-you-can't-make-them-think-it." They have to learn whatever they learn the way that they learn it. So there's a lot of mystery involved. Wonderful mystery. As a parent, you have to stand back and be amazed. As a child I spent hours in the Science Museum, pulling levers, flipping switches. We would go about once a month back then.