Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Long Lost Blog

I haven't really felt like blogging much lately. So much for the resolution, right? I will try to get back on track even if I don't feel like it. Part of the thing is to develop the habit, so I really need to soldier on especially when I don't feel like it.

C's fam comes in next week to see the boy and help out while I have my gall bladder removed and during my recovery. I'm really looking forward to their visit, and even to the surgery a little. I'll feel better, physically and psychologically, when the little bugger is out.

I've finally begun to feel like a mom again, instead of a warden. Each time Wiggle makes a jump in mobility, it was running and climbing this time, it seems like it takes me about six weeks to adjust enough so that I can still get something done in a day and have fun with the boy. This week, I finally planned a menu, did the shopping for it, and tonight we even cooked recipes from the menu. Also, the sink is empty, there's not a full bag of laundry in the house, the floors were all mopped this weekend, and the bed is made. It's amazing how wonderful getting into a made bed can make me feel after a long day. Last night, I made a comment to C about it, and he asked me why. I explained that if the bed is made when I come in to go to sleep, I think about all of the things I got done today. However, if the bed is unmade when I go to bed, I think about all of the things I meant to do, but didn't get to today. It's much easier to get myself to make the bed, than to try and overhaul how I naturally think about my day.

In Wiggle news -
He has been talking up a storm as of late. Today, he said "sssss" for the first time. Cool, huh? It gets better. He actually pointed at the letter "s" while making the sound, totally unprompted by me. Later, he mastered "f" with his dad. When he's on a roll, he's really on a roll.
Physically, he's been running. Running up and down the halls, trying to run down the stairs, the sidewalk, into any door, out of any door. Everything he does is fast. I have started letting him choose his clothes. When I hold up two shirts for him to choose between, there is no deliberation; the decision is split-second. The boy knows what he wants. Who would have thought that C and I would have an opinionated child? Even knowing that I would, I didn't expect him to have so many opinions and that they would be so well defined this early.
My Mother's Day breakfast - biscuits and gravy. Wiggle cut out the biscuits himself.

Counting at the Zoo


  1. I can't wait to see him! And it sounds to me as if you're getting LOTS done each day. I agree about the bed. Getting into a made bed at night is one of life's great pleasures!

  2. The Zoo is always a magical place for me, full of memories because as a small child I went there with my mother at least once a week, often more. I probably counted things there, too. Once before modern security at about 4:00 am in black tie, I walked the main path through the zoo with a date looking at the animals who were all out. In high school and college, my younger brother and I went there on Sunday mornings on a ritual walk. Rich, meaningful memories. How great it all goes on through generations....

  3. And...the bisquits look awesome. I haven't been able to make good biscuits and these look scrumptous!!!