Monday, June 14, 2010

We Are Family

My sister and her family were in town this weekend. We got to spend time at both the MSI and the Field museums, eat Chicago pizza, and hang out at the apartment together for some much needed bonding. The last time my sister was in Chicago, she was five or six months pregnant with my nephew. The time before that, we spent an evening dancing on a radiator at a frat party to "We Are Family," taking special care to belt out the "I've got all my sisters with me" part. It doesn't seem like that much is different each time I see her when I go home to Dallas, but when I think of how much has changed between each of her visits here, I can see how far we've both come. We both have wonderful families. She owns a house and has a great job. I'm about to move across the country to a place far away from our family and almost all of our friends. It's crazy to think I'm the same person who used to yell "GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" countless times a day to her, and that she is the person who would have wanted to keep trying to come in.
Last week I only she was coming in on an extended business trip, but she managed to score some great last-minute fares (she's extra talented at finding things like that), so the hubby and my nephew, X-man, could come out too. I was totally psyched, especially because that would mean that X-man and Wiggle would get to spend some quality time together. Wiggle was pretty much in awe of everything that the X-man did. Playing with Legos - supercool. Making the robot lizard face - completely hysterical. Reading a bedtime story - captivating.
X-man can moo, can you?

Wiggle is making a "hoo, hoo" sound, like an owl.

The visit was way too short; I wish we lived close enough to see them all the time. Luckily, we are moving to a fabulous destination city, so we might be able to finagle even more visits out of them in the future. Or maybe they can just send us the X-man for a while. He owes me a rematch in Monopoly and those games can get lonnnnng.  Whaddya say, sis?


  1. Wow, I love this post! I'm so happy that both of you got beyond "GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" And from this post it's clear that both of you are happy about that too!

  2. Yes. If anything, melding our two families together was totally sweet and nothing short of awesome!!!! I think it shall be my new hobby. perhaps and expensive one, but on the list none the less.

  3. I miss you being together and I wasn't there. But then the presence of a parent would have changed the dynamic of getting together. Distance from one another is more a mental state than a physical one (I am creeping closer to Heidegger here, a name-drop for Chris) but really you are only as far away as you feel about being the distance you are apart. Chris, Silas, and you are always in my heart and therefore very close...always.