Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wonderful Weekend Weather

This week is Wiggle's last week of school, except it's not really. He goes to summer school for a few weeks starting the week after next, but he will have a different teacher and there will be new kids. His first year of school really flew by. He has changed so much in the past year. He's so mature in some ways, in others he's all three. When he goes to sleep at night he says "Goodnight Mommy! Goodnight Daddy! I'll see you in the morning!" He helps C take out the trash in the morning and unload the dishwasher. When he wipes up a spill, he rinses and wrings out the sponge when he's done. I can't believe how quickly he's growing up.

Friday at school they had "water day." The kids had a blast in the pools and the sprinkler, but the biggest hit was washing cars. They had shaving cream which they put on sponges to "soap" the cars. Wiggle was a little confused after awhile because then the cars were covered in shaving cream and actually needed to be washed. He stayed until the end and helped hose them off before they were put away.
Hard at work
When we woke up yesterday morning to a beautiful, clear, sunny day I thought it would be fun to wash our car. So C and Wiggle went off to the hardware store to procure a big sponge and some soap to wash the car. Cleaning the inside of the car took longer than we had anticipated, but the payoff was huge. I can't remember the last time we cleaned under the car seats. Kids are dirty. C and I are messy; the front seats had errant receipts, a straw wrapper, dried out pens, etc, but the backseat was all goldfish crumbs, glitter, beads, and a pervasive unidentifiable stickiness. Totally gross.

Finally after nap, the guys got out the hose and the bucket and got to work. Buster and I got to sit on the sidelines in the shade and watch. I wasn't able to take any pics really because the only shady spot to sit in with the babe was a little far away, but it was a joy to watch. I hope it becomes another father-son tradition.
Let the washing begin!
Buster making eyes at me while the other boys washed the car
Then we went out back and listened to some opera while Wiggle and I, wearing Buster, played some Frisbee, and C grilled some chicken. When the yard got too buggy, we went in and ate bbq chicken pizza together. The boys had a bath, stories, and went down. Even I fell asleep while sitting in Wiggle's room waiting for him to go down. A great day overall.

Today after avocado toast and getting to read a few headlines in the NYT, we all went outside while C did some poison ivy removal. I had to show him where I had seen it in the yard, but I didn't dare remove it on the remote chance that I would transfer it to Buster while breastfeeding. C got all decked out in double gloves, long pants tucked into socks, a long sleeve shirt, and went out with bags and a shovel to try and dig out roots and then bag the offending plants. There didn't seem to be a lot, but what there is is intertwined in our blackberry thicket, which are also leaves of three, so identifying it is tricky. We will have to do more investigating before berry picking time unless all the birds get to the berries before we can.

In the afternoon, I put Wiggle down for his nap and then decadently had my own nap with Buster. Wiggle woke up before us, and C took him to buy me a bird feeder and seed, so I can really put my birdwatching book from Mother's Day to use. My boys really know how to pamper me! Then we set it up, and painted with watercolors on the patio while waiting for some birds to arrive. I think we were making too much noise for the birds today, but they were starting to fly by to investigate, so I'm hoping the feeder will get some action this week.

C ground meat for burgers and then grilled them while the boys and I played. Topped with some pepper jack, avocado, and mayo, the burgers received an A+ from the three of us. A giggly bath time followed, and then we put both boys down.

If every weekend could be like this one, I would have no other ambition than to do this day in and day out. I am really looking forward to summer.

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  1. What an absolutely terrific weekend you had, and how well you describe it! I feel like I was almost there with you! And the picture of Buster making eyes at you...whoa, I'm in love! :)