Friday, April 5, 2013

Modern Day Parlor Game

C and I came up with a new game today. Our bathrooms have original 1950's tile complete with built-in cup and toothbrush holders. Wiggle always wants to use the toothbrush holders, but of course, modern day toothbrushes don't fit. C was telling Wiggle that his toothbrush wouldn't fit because "Toothbrushes have gotten wider over time. I have no idea why they have, but they have."

The statement made me think of all of the new, crazy, very specific non-fiction books that have come out in the last few years. Why not one on the history of dental care in America? The game is to pick the subject and then pitch titles.

I pitched a few -

Long in the Tooth, Short on Science: How Modern Dentistry has Been Shaped by Advertising

Uncovering the Tooth: The Connection Between Advertising and Dentistry in America

A Winning Smile: How America Kept, Whitened, and Straightened Its Teeth

4 Out of 5: The History of Oral Hygiene Through Advertising

And the winner...

Tooth Decay: How the Oral Care Industry has Impacted Dental Health (submitted by C).

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