Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of the New Semester

The boys aren't in school yet, so things are a little more hectic than they will be (hopefully).

After breakfast, I threw in a load of laundry, got both the boys dressed, and wrangled them into the car. But wait - first I threw the two newspapers in the driveway into the recycling that was at the curb.

Then we drove to the doctor's office to pick up school immunization forms for Buster. Back in the car to a Fairfax County Public Schools administrative building to pick up the ID I filled out paperwork and was fingerprinted for last week. Got lost. Found way again, wrangle boys out of car, wrangle stroller down a flight of stairs, ask for my ID. They can't find it. Wait at desk, trying not to look or feel impatient as Wiggle runs figure-eights around tables of people filling out employment forms. They find the ID, and Wiggle proudly wears it to the car.

Drive home and arrive just in time to hand the boys off to C, pack my backpack, and walk to campus. Look for the right room in the right building for five minutes, find the room, find a seat. Sit down and get ready for the four hour LGBTQ sensitivity training that's about to start. Damn! I forgot to bring any food.

Sit through and enjoy the training, although my stomach grumbles intermittently. Run MSW student association meeting after the training for another 20 minutes. Walk home. Bring in the recycling bins from the morning.

Change clothes, finally have a snack and some water. Clean up the living room for 15 minutes. Briefly search the internet for an example of a document I will need for my internship. Set the table. Whoops! First clean the table, then set the table for dinner.

The boys come home and we sit down to dinner. The boys cajole lollipops from us for dessert, which we concede only if they are eaten on the porch. C and I have a glass of wine and chat a little while the boys run around and play with balls. C and I join in and play ball with the boys. I get distracted and start cleaning up dog poop from the yard. I get even more distracted and start to mow the lawn. Just half of the backyard, then I move to the front yard. I get halfway done there and C relieves me so I can put Buster down. I put Buster down, and then spend 15 glorious minutes lounging on the bed and petting the animals.

Back to the grind. Compose and send a few emails. Jot down a couple of to-dos. Get back to the preschool lego scrubbing project I have been dawdling over for a few days. Soak and then scrub individual legos with a toothbrush.

Clean up in the kitchen. Try to pack my lunch for tomorrow, but realize all of our containers with lids are in the fridge with old stuff in them. Clean them out and put them in the dishwasher. Pack what I can.

Bedtime routine. Get in bed, write this post.

Sleep (I really, truly hope.)

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