Monday, October 5, 2009

A Couple of Gifts

Here are a couple of pics of Wiggle with gifts from the fam'.

Wiggle relaxing with his dad wearing some Jayhawk socks from his Uncle B. He's worn the socks a bunch, but I just hadn't snapped any photos with them, and I thought they were super cute all the way pulled up like that.

Here Wiggle and C are enjoying a book that Grandmother J bought him from a place she called "the hemp store in Taos." I guess it also could have been "The Hemp Store in Taos." Either way, check out the title. And I thought Chicago was Obama-crazy. It's a great piece of memorabilia and, of course, the title is true!BTW, Wiggle is feeling much better today. We skipped swim class this morning because the water is generally fairly cold and chlorine never helps a cold, but we went out to Costco and Trader Joe's this afternoon and he was in a great mood, if still a little snuffily.

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  1. Oh, he is one handsome guy! And I'm not at all biased! And I'm glad he's enjoying the book! :))