Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Brief History of a Weekend

I can't believe how fast time is flying right now. Every time I turn around another week has flown by. Last weekend, C's mom, aunt, and brother came into town for a brief Wiggle-hugging convention. On Friday, we spent time around the house watching Wiggle do amazing things like dance (swaying back and forth to music), play "So Big!" and patty-cake, and just generally be irresistible. Grandma R and Aunt M bestowed a ton of loot on the boy. He is now entirely outfitted for winter with fleece and jackets galore. He's worn a couple of the things so far, and everything looks great.
On Saturday, we went to Target and picked out a new big-boy carseat (another generous gift from the grandparents). We just installed it yesterday, and it fits him so much better. The shape of it is different too, so he doesn't seem as isolated even though he is still facing the backseat. He looks like he's chill-axin' in an easy chair, instead of looking like he's strapped into a torture device. The downside, not to this particular carseat, but to all of the larger ones, is that they are, indeed, larger. We already had to have Uncle B meet us places on public transit because we couldn't fit everyone in the car, and now I think we will only be able to have one adult in the backseat with Wiggle. Next year in our new digs, we probably won't have the benefit of public transit at our disposal, so things will get trickier. Maybe I'll wait to worry about that one until I find out where we will be roosting for the next couple of years (Istanbul, anyone?).

On Sunday, we didn't get together until the late afternoon, but then we did some shopping around town before having a delicious dinner in Greektown. We have only ever eaten in Greektown once before, which seems insane when I think about how often we drive through it, but all the restaurants seem the same, so I can never choose between them. This time we bit the bullet and chose one ahead of time, Greek Islands, based on some recommendations from friends. It was fantastic; we will definitely go back. C and I shared moussaka and grilled octopus for our meal and some beets with an eye-opening garlic sauce as an appetizer. Wiggle enjoyed the octopus and the beets with the garlic sauce, but the moussaka appeared to leave a bad taste in his mouth, literally.
C and his brother.

B and his lovely companion, K.

Grandma R is telling Wiggle all about the lights overhead, while Aunt M flashes a smile for the camera.

The weekend flew by, and even though they were here for three days, it felt like we only got to see them for a few hours. I really wish that our families lived closer to us, so we could see them more. Maybe when we eventually move someplace permanently and buy a house, we will find one with a coveted "mother-in-law" apartment (for use by both sets of parents, siblings, aunts, etc, of course). Well, I can dream, can't I?

And for those junkies out there, don't think I would leave you hangin'.
Here are some money-shots of Wiggle playing with his new toys (more of the booty that appeared out of the Mary Poppins-like bags of Grandma R). Actually, she sent the telephone a couple of weeks ago, but it is his current fave. The whack-a-mole-esque hammer and nails, what we affectionately call "the screaming monkey ball," and the Disney/Hendrix guitar complete with whammy-bar are also big hits with the boy.
"Don't mess with me man. Can't you see I'm busy playing?"

"Hmmm, who should I call first?"

"Mommy, can you turn the music down? I'm on the phone."

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  1. Oh, I wish I lived closer! He's so beautiful, and clearly such a hoot! The phone looks like so much fun. Remember when the boys got theirs, for Christmas when they were only a little older than Wiggle?