Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Babe Is Becoming a Boy

He started walking. I mean really walking. On Friday night, after a wonderful dinner at our neighbors', he just kept taking a few steps, again and again. He still spends a lot of time crawling because it's faster, but he walks a little bit all of the time, and he walks a little more every day.

He also started clapping. Actually, he's been clapping for months, but it was always palm against the back of his other hand. Last week, he discovered how to clap palm to palm, and he is thrilled with the result. He claps every time he likes something. It's pretty cute.

Today though, he was almost overwhelmingly cute. He finally learned how to hug. First, he hugged a baby doll. Then he hugged me. Then he hugged C's cell phone. Then his sweet potatoes at dinner. He hugs anything and everything he likes. In music class today, we curled up on the floor and pretended to be asleep during a song, and he crawled over and put his head down on my arm to cuddle. He's never done that before, and it almost made me weep, I was so happy.

In other news, my gallstones have acted up three times this week. Besides being painful, the "attacks" happen at night, so I haven't been sleeping very much. Meanwhile, C hasn't been sleeping much because he has an on-campus interview next week, and he's stressing over it. Wiggle has also been up in the middle of the night, but he seems to alternate between inconsolable for no obvious reason and just being up and wanting to play for awhile. Needless to say, we are all a little sleep deprived and worse for wear this week.

Also, I have already missed my "two blog posts a week" mark. Normally, I feel I should blog more, but I don't get around to it. This time I swear, I didn't realize a week had gone by. I should probably pick two days in the week to post regularly, but I don't feel like doing that right now, so I'll just try to be better about it in the near future.

Things will be better next week. Not that they're bad right now, but there's just a lot of background stress to deal with. And right now, my body is dealing with it by sending me into nocturnal pain spasms. The upside is that the way to curb gallstone attacks is to eat right - lots of vegetables and low fat. It's like having my own personal, painful version of Alli. It really is good incentive though. And, of course, exercise helps, so I'm doing that too. I guess I should have figured my body would start fighting back eventually. I'm trying to convince it that I can fight better if I'm well rested. I hope it listens...

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  1. Ohhhh, I didn't realize it was gallbladder attacks! Grandma had those and I remember how sick she was with them. I wish I lived closer and could come over and help out. Work sucks, and I'd much rather be helping out with the boyo and getting hugs. And he's WALKING! Wow! Let's Skype this weekend! And don't worry about posting. Although I love and look forward to your posts, you've got a few other things going on in your life these days. :))