Saturday, February 13, 2010

There's a Zoo Out There

The Lincoln Park Zoo, that is. We went up north to meet Uncle B and his friend for some fun this afternoon. Here are the brothers and Wiggle outside the gorilla house.

Normally, we spend a good deal of time in the penguin house, but today the lights were off and an overpowering fish smell was in the air, so today we hung out with the big cats instead. Wiggle kept waving to the tiger who perpetually paces in his tiny cage. The lions often look like they might ignore you if you happened upon them in the wild, as long as their bellies were full, but the tiger always looks like he's waiting to attack at the first opportunity. I, irrationally, hold Wiggle a little tighter when we watch him.

We also had a great time watching the fat beavers. They came right up to the windows and did somersaults for their fans.

Wiggle is trying to get the gibbon's attention, but he is content to ignore the boy.

And for the Wiggle fanatics out there, a little bit of video. After some heavy flirting with a much older little girl (4 or 5), he did a little dancing.


  1. I know the video was having a problem, but I think I have been able to fix it.
    The problem is with Blogger and was happening to many blogs, but they updated some software which should fix the playback issue.

    Let me know if anyone still has a problem viewing the video.