Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Good Saturday

Kites as far as the eye can see
We went to the Kite Festival in DC today. There certainly were a lot of kites. It was a good windy day too; perfect for kite flying. The kite had a moderate amount of success, but Wiggle had less success because he kept trying to run with the kite which resulted in tangled strings and bumping into other unsuspecting kite fliers.
He still had fun though. As did I.
Showing off his mad kite skills
Where is our kite?
Oh, there it is. It's the one on the right.
C had a turn too.
Looking very Opie-esque
Can anyone else see the teenager lurking inside?
Phew! There's my toddler.
Two months today!

One of the only pics so far of me and Buster
This is the closest we got to having a pic with me and both boys;
Wiggle didn't want to pose for us.
After flying our kite for a bit, we drove back to Fairfax and went to Costco. We ate lunch at the food court as is our tradition at Costco. I really only like hot dogs at baseball games and Costco now for reasons I cannot explain.
Then after a rousing game of back-of-the-door basketball with Wiggle, we went in the yard to investigate what's growing.
Even the trees are blooming (this is a departure from the kind of landscape I am used to).
And pink!
Outside our family room window.
Outside our front door. There are more azaleas coming too!
Not a bad Saturday at all.


  1. Yay for pictures! You all look fabulous and so happy. :)

  2. Wow, what a fun day! Buster looks like he could be sitting on the Supreme Court, making momentous decisions! I love the pic of you and the boys!

  3. Not THIS Supreme Court, I hope. ;)
    (and thanks!)

  4. No, not THIS Supreme Court, for sure.