Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break, AKA Why, Oh Why, Is There No School?

Only one more school day of Spring Break; I can hardly wait. Wiggle is only in school three hours a day for three days a week, but man do I need those hours. As it is, I generally only get about twenty good minutes to get anything done during that period because Buster tends to want to spend the entire time plugged in nursing or (gasp) smiling and waving at me. And while I like the alone time with Buster, he needs it too. Wiggle has been extra "affectionate" with Buster lately - holding his hand and not letting go even when he tries to cross the room, getting nose-to-nose while talking, and trying to sort of jump over/lie on top of him as much as he can. The main problem is when Buster doesn't look at Wiggle, Wiggle just tries to take up Buster's entire field of vision, so there won't be any choice but to look at him. Buster, needless to say, does not welcome the eyeball-to-eyeball attention.

Since C's Spring Break was a couple of weeks ago, we haven't done anything very exciting this week. We did have a play date with someone from school who's never been over before. A little girl who bosses Wiggle and everyone else around; I just love her, and I think Wiggle is a little smitten too.

Wiggle kept asking to hold her hand, to which she finally relented after saying "Ok, ok, but only if you stop asking." Seriously, could this girl be any more awesome? I don't think so.

They played a bunch of games all of her choosing and with her rules, which they both enjoyed immensely overall, but since Wiggle is used to calling the shots, there the ups were mixed with a few downs.
They generally alternated who fell to the ground looking exasperated and about to cry, but occasionally it was too much for both of them.

When we came back from the playground, I realized I had been replaced.
There's something about his look in this photo; I definitely felt like I was intruding.

Not so much a little later - 
Batman and Spider
And a shot of the bambino - A colleague of C's gave Buster a very cute personalized hooded towel and had asked for a shot of the boyo in the towel. Well, Buster is as happy as a clam in the bath itself, but as soon as we take him out he generally starts howling and doesn't stop until he is dressed and nursing, so try as we might, we hadn't been able to get a shot. Until the other night, that is. Here he is all smiles after his bath.


  1. I'm not sure why there is a spring break but my daughter, who is 13, lives for it. Good luck!


  2. OMG! That little girl is totally awesome, and perfect for Wiggle! And I love the pic of Buster in the towel; please send that to me because I can't download it.