Friday, March 29, 2013


We were getting ready for quiet time the other day and Wiggle asked to snuggle in my bed with me. I said no because he does not calm down and relax at all if he gets into bed with me at quiet time. He said he didn't think he could go to sleep without snuggles, and he thought my bed was so much warmer than mine, and that's why he wanted to get into my bed. (His comforter is plenty warm and I often find him with his covers half off and shirt pulled way up, so I am not worried that he is too cold in his room.) I told him he needed to go into his room and sleep in his own bed by himself.

He tried telling me that he loves snuggling me, to which I replied that I loved snuggling him too. To tease him, I asked if he loved snuggling me the best of all, to which he replied, "No. I love snuggling Daddy the best." I feigned disappointment and said that snuggling Daddy was yucky and he didn't give good snuggles at all. Wiggle earnestly told me that he loved snuggling both of us the same. I felt bad that he had taken me so seriously and said "Honey, I was just kidding! I think Daddy gives great snuggles. I love snuggling him. In fact, I get snuggles from him every night!"

Do you see my mistake?

"Why do you get to snuggle with Daddy every night and I have to sleep by myself?"

Totally caught me off-guard. I changed the subject and tried to re-direct because I honestly didn't really have a good answer. This boy is quick, I tell you. He's already trouble; I dread the teenage years.


  1. Uh, I have a feeling he's setting you up for the teenage years...that bit about having to sleep by himself! :))

  2. In the teenage years, I'll be fine saying he can sleep with someone else when he moves into his own house, but until then... :)