Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sneaky Pete

So, what does a four-year-old do when he wakes up at five in the morning and sneaks into your room and silently takes your cellphone into his room? This video, that's what.

After dinner and bath each night, we have what we call "wind-down time." Wiggle gets to choose an activity like playing Legos, a couple of games of Uno or Cootie, or doing a puzzle. Then we brush teeth and pick stories to read in bed. It's a way to break-up the bedtime routine which we instituted after we encountered a lot of resistance at bedtime when we were doing the whole routine in one sitting.

So tonight during wind-down time, Wiggle, C, and I were working on our second puzzle and trying to keep Buster from taking pieces and squirreling them away around Wiggle's room. After much redirection, Buster comes to the table with a little wind-up Santa Wiggle got in his advent calendar. So I wind it up and place it on the table so Buster can watch the little guy waddle around. Without looking up, still engrossed in fitting some pieces together, Wiggle says "I thought it was supposed to be wind-down time." That boy doesn't miss a beat, I tell you.


  1. Gotta love him. Boom Boom Boom!!!

  2. AND he's a talented rapper, too! :)