Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hog Heaven

Last Friday a friend of ours invited us to his co-op for a pig roast, Yucatan-style. We were very excited to say the least. A story in photos follows.

The hungry masses waiting for the pig to be unearthed.

The strong young men digging up the pig. Note the steam coming up.
The careful sweeping off of the metal sheet that covers the pots 'o' pig.
While Wiggle is not eating pork yet, he seemed to like the excitement surrounding the evening.
They're doing it! They're uncovering the pig. Will it be done? Will it be good?
So far, so good. It looks awesome.
While the pork is being pulled, we sit by a cozy fire (Friday was unseasonably cool). Sitting by an open fire is one of my favorite pleasures.
I like how Wiggle is holding both the bottles too. In case you were thinking C was two-fisting it, one of those beers was mine.
The hungry throngs descending upon the food.
The result - the best frigging pork ever! E-V-E-R. So moist and flavorful. Plus the other food was fantastic too.
There are rumors of a goat roast soon. Hyde Park can be wonderful sometimes.


  1. OHMYGOSH! I am SO envious! Pit roasted pig AND rumors of pit roasted cabrito! Life is good, sweetheart! I love this post!

  2. Good golly lolly. Can you introduce me to these people?