Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swing Time

We pass by two parks on our evening walks, and we sometimes stop at one or the other for some swinging. Here are some pics of the boyo enjoying the ride. BTW, these pictures look like we took him out in the middle of the night to swing, but in fact it was dusk and still fairly light out.

Note the awesome outfit Grandpa A brought Wiggle back from South America. He is also wearing slippers that Grandmother J gave him. We have been having unseasonably cool weather (it was in the 50's last night), so the fleece penguin slippers were perfect for being out in the evening. When I received the slippers earlier this summer, they looked huge, and I thought they would be perfect for him come November or December. Well, bigfoot's toes are right where they should be now. The kid's got monster feet.

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