Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Birthday

The first birthday has come and gone, and he already seems like a totally different little boy. Older, more mature, a boy with eight teeth, not the paltry seven he had last week. We waited until the weekend to do presents and celebrating.

C made his first cake. Almond-y with raspberry filling and a rich buttercream frosting.

There were (and still are, I might add) decorations.
And gifts. Wiggle's first mp3 player which he already takes with him where ever he goes.
We sang "Happy Birthday," which he loved.

I tried to show him how to blow out the candle, but...
he was much more interested in starting to eat cake.
He ate cake like an old pro.
On the anniversary of his actual birth, we went to music class.

And then to a Winter Carnival at the university's Family Resource Center. Wiggle got a green helium balloon to match his turtleneck.
All in all, a great first birthday.

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  1. That looks like a wonderful cake! I can't believe the boy is 1! It looks like he had a terrific first birthday!