Monday, January 11, 2010


The holidays have come and gone, and we are already into a new year. We spent most of the last month in Dallas and Kansas City visiting our families, celebrating the holidays, and being floored by illness. That's right we had the flu - twice. We also managed to take out my entire family and leave C's down for the count with perhaps an even different flu on our way back. The positive of getting the flu the second time was that we were with family, which meant we had help with Wiggle, who was fine by the time C and I were waylaid. My mom kept us in gatorade, saltines, and toilet paper, while we spent time examining in great detail the grout on her bathroom floors. My sister whisked in and took Wiggle for an entire Saturday. When she brought him back that evening after a day at the sculpture museum, she had washed our laundry, his boppy, his stroller cover, and even mended some of our clothes. Yes, she is crazy awesome, and no, she cannot be your sister too. What did we give her in return, you ask? Why, our sickness, of course. That's right, within 24 hours, she, B, and the X-man were all out of commission. Our coming over with groceries and playing Wii all afternoon with the X-man doesn't seem like a trade in-kind.

I will hopefully post pictures at some point, of the visit, not our illnesses, but I am waiting on some pics from a certain, ahem, brother, ahem. I'm just kidding M, take your time; I know you've got school work and such.

In terms of the new year, I've decided to make some changes. Normally, I don't make resolutions, and I still haven't made a list per se, but I do have some ideas in mind, some very specific and some fairly general. One change I am making is to post my resolutions. One of the reasons I don't normally make resolutions is that I am basically a coward. I don't mean that in a beat-myself-up, whoa-is-me way, but I, like most people, am afraid of failure, and one way to avoid failing is to avoid trying. Having a baby can really shake up how you see the world, and one thing it has shaken up for me, is that I am sick of not trying. I want Wiggle to know me as the person I want to be, doing the things I want to do, and not just hear me talk about them. So the first thing on my list for 2010? OK, here it goes.

I am going to run a marathon this year.

Whew! That was kind of scary just to type. I can't say which marathon I'm going to run because I don't know where we will be living next fall, and I would prefer to run one locally. This is even crazier because I don't really want to run a marathon, but I do want a long-term fitness goal that I can work toward every day, and I would like to be able to run, not a distance, but at all. And I think it's pretty reasonable to run a marathon. First, I will train for a 5K. I just left typing this to find one and sign-up for it. March 14th. I paid the registration fee and put it on the calendar. This is it. Now to actually train.

There are going to be other changes too. I'm still working on specifics. Another change - not needing to do everything all at once. So what if it's January 11th? I can still make resolutions. And I will/am. Now I am going to spend some quality time with my calendar, and then to bed. I have to keep myself rested with all of this change on the horizon.


  1. Oh, I am so excited and so proud of you! You're certainly inspiring me to make some much needed changes! Besides being a wonderful daughter, sister and mother, you're an amazing writer too! I love you, sweetheart.



  2. Thanks!

    It always feels good to get compliments. :)