Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Girl Next Door

Today Wiggle had his first official playdate. Fortunately for me, a very nice woman with a 14-month-old daughter moved in downstairs a few months ago. That's right, I didn't even have to go outside to get there. I am in new(ish) mom heaven. They kissed, they hugged, they patted each other aggressively (him) and sweetly (her). They took (him) and shared (her) toys, and most importantly they tuckered each other out. Wiggle barely made it through dinner he was so tired.

Even better, her mom knits and has already been going regularly to the knitting group it has taken me 5 years to get to. We are going to carpool next week.

Also, music class started up again this week. We decided to move to a later time slot (4:45 instead of 3:45) because the group entering after us always seemed much more lively than our class. Wednesday afternoon as it got later and later, I began to doubt my decision. He has been only taking one nap a day as of late, and he was seeming a little punky by 4:00. After we got to class though, I knew it was the right decision. The kids are all closer to his age, and the parents are really involved, singing and dancing as, if not more, enthusiastically than the kids. He had an awesome time. He did, however, have trouble sleeping last night. I think going from quiet afternoons with me to crazy noise-making was a little too much at first, but he'll get back into the routine soon enough. Plus, it might be teeth that are interrupting his sleep. He could be cutting dreaded molars.

Tomorrow's Friday, which means I've almost made it through our first week back. Woohoo!

We have a date-night scheduled, but it's an "in" night, not an "out" night. Any ideas for dates at home?

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  1. Wow! It sounds like both of you had a GREAT first week back, and well deserved after being so sick while away. How terrific to have a friend for Wiggle as well as for you, right in the building. Date night sounds good too. Dinner and a movie (or two) in the living room? I guess that probably sounds unimaginative, but I have "dates" like that with myself after a long week at work. :)) Let's skype soon! (and remember to update the amazon lists for b'days).