Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Time

We were going to go get our tree on Sunday, but it rained, and rained, and rained, all day. I decided we had better wait until the next day because I wasn't going to be able to string lights on a soaking tree anyway. In lieu of that Christmas-y activity, we decided to go to "Juniper Ave" in Sterling to look at garish Christmas light displays. Wiggle fell asleep on the way, so when we got there, I had C stop in front of a house lit up like an airport runway that also had a bunch of Peanuts characters out front. We woke Wiggle up and took him out of his carseat for a moment so he could orient himself to his surroundings a bit. He looked around bleary-eyed, and then said "more trees!" and pointed down the street to the Vegas-like strip of houses that awaited us. We obliged his request. For the next twenty minutes all we heard from the backseat was a barrage of "Oh-my-gosh!" and "More!" It was an awesome night.

On Monday we picked out our perfect tree, but I have still not finished putting lights on it. I cannot work on it while Wiggle is awake because he is obsessed with touching the tree, and therefore C and I have to keep our distance as well. At night, I have just been too tired to stay up and work on it. Tonight, I will get a good chunk done, if not all of it.


  1. You weren't kidding; you DO have the perfect tree! And also the perfect boyo; wow, is he handsome in that coat and hat! Wow.

  2. I agree, it all sounds wonderful. Wiggle looks great in that coat and hat.