Friday, December 3, 2010

Back in the Saddle

I was out for the count yesterday again because of a cold/fever. Wiggle was out too, but he seemed to be a lot more energetic than I was. Today we both seem to have recovered well. I managed to get the entryway clean the other night.

There's still some work to do to get it really organized, but at least it's functional now. I also have sorted some of the insurance stuff, and done some other onerous tasks on my to-do list. An unpleasant surprise came in the mail today though. I went to the dentist two weeks ago and had three very small cavities filled. It turns out I went to the wrong dentist (similar practice names on the same street), and this one isn't in our network. The dental work didn't hurt at all, but OUCH! the bill. It will be ok, and I'm going to try to talk to them to see if they can lower the cost at all, but man-oh-man this is a mistake that makes me feel stupid. I just hate stuff like that.
I also managed to go to the gym today for a good run and get some Christmas shopping done. I'm feeling a little better and my thoughts are already turning to decorating the house this weekend.
Oh, and we got wellies for Wiggle last weekend, and he had his first opportunity to wear them this week.
They have sharks on them.
I also got to cook my first post-Thanksgiving dinner tonight. (We were done with Thanksgiving food earlier obviously, but we grazed on random pantry items and got take-out the past couple of nights) I made a new favorite a quinoa Moroccan stew.

I still have a lot to do, but it feels more manageable today than earlier this week. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday.


  1. The entryway looks GREAT! I love your red berries on the bannister! And of course, I love Wiggles' wellies!

  2. Sure do like those wellies and the hat.

    I like the decorations on the staircase.