Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm having a bad case of the Mondays today. Every year near the holidays, while I certainly spend my time spreading holiday cheer, I get a little grumpy that I'm not closer to my family. This year I'm a little more grumpy because we aren't near friends or family. When I went to the gym tonight, even my Pandora stations were conspiring against me. There were no fewer than three references to Chicago in live versions of songs, and one mention of Dallas.
I also have a lot of annoying things to do. For example, I have to follow up with our health insurance about some claims which will mean several long confusing phone calls to find out what tiny step I have to take to fix the confusing issue. I have to change our address with a couple of rarely used bank accounts which will involve sending an actual letter out, which will mean a trip to the post office for stamps. I have to get the oil changed on the car. I hate these kinds of tasks. They always take longer than you think they will, and sometimes you are not even sure when you are finished with them completely.
In the house, I want to decorate the front porch and clean the entryway. This is what greets me in the entryway right now.
Stepping over this box every day is the current bane of  my existence
I have had emptying that box on my to-do list since we moved in, but every day I just step over or around it. Tomorrow, I will face the horror that is the box and clean up the junk that is accumulating down there. 

Things just seem to keep piling up right now faster than I am getting things done. I need a time vacation.

On a positive note, I ran outside on Saturday and Sunday nights, first with Wiggle and then by myself. It felt really good, and I went as fast as I do on the treadmill, which was surprising since it's definitely harder outside. Tonight, I went to the gym and ran for 10 minutes, but then got on the stair climber for 15 minutes. I hate the stupid stair climber because it's sooo boring and I'm a little afraid that I will fall off, but I'm doing it to help build up the muscles in my knees, and I think it's helping. I've gotten over some hump with my running so that it's easier and more fun right now. I think I need to look for a couple of races to sign-up for now because I feel like I can actually train for a race now.


  1. I thought it was just me who feels like I have too many stupid things to do at this time of year! You have my sympathies on dealing with the insurance companies. Putting Mike back on my insurance was incredibly difficult and frustrating, because someone had accidentally (I HOPE it was accidentally) made the single box I had to check next to his name inoperable on the electronic form...aaaarrrggghhhhh! I wish we lived closer. I'd love to help you organize that entry way!

  2. p.s. - and I think it's VERY COOL that you're at a point where you can train for a race!