Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 2

So it's the end of my second day without any tv, and it feels both good and bad. It's good in that I don't miss the tv at all; I know I will really want to veg out one of these evenings, but it hasn't happened yet. The bad is that I thought I would have all this extra time, and I don't seem to have even 15 minutes extra. I know that I spent inordinate amounts of time in front of the tv on any given evening, so if I removed that time, I should get some back, no? It turns out, I do have extra time, it just looks different than I thought. I thought I would be twiddling my thumbs so much that I would be able to start some of those projects that I never seem to have time for - organizing my digital photos, planning some knitting projects, reading fiction, reading the New Yorker. It turns out what my "extra" time is spent doing is eating dinner with my husband, spending an extra few minutes cleaning up after dinner, an extra few minutes at the gym, and going to bed before one am. It does feel better than before, but I'm beginning to realize why parents feel like they never have enough time; it just gets eaten away at by the everyday things. Now am I really complaining that I got to sit down with my husband and eat this -
Chicken breast with garbanzo beans, tomatoes, and yogurt sauce with kale and eggplant.
and have a nice conversation about our days over a glass of wine? Or am I complaining that I was able to get to the gym and get a good run in while C made dinner? No, I am not. I am just surprised. I had an idea of where my time would be going and now it's different. 
The test to see if I'm really committed to this is whether I'm willing to wake up earlier in the mornings to workout. Right now, I am not that committed, but I will need to get there for this to work.  

In Wiggle news - C was giving him his bath tonight and asked him if he wanted to stay in the bath and play with his toys or get out and put on his pajamas. The reply - "More choices!" It turns out he wanted to swim and blow bubbles. This boy is outwitting me at every angle.
He has also begun asking us to read books "again" and "again" and "again." His favorites right now are Where the Wild Things Are and Inch by Inch. I read Inch by Inch over 15 times today, and C read it 5 or 6 times. It's a good thing he has, so far, focussed on good books.

We had playgroup today and he charmed a number of people with his stylish outfit.
I think it's the hat.
I also managed to lose him today in a closed room. You might think I'm a bad parent because of this, or you might need to watch this video.


  1. That dinner looks delicious! And there is never enough time; I always imagine I'll have loads of time to do the things I want to do...but it's sort of like when I was a very little kid, and come fall, I'd get it in my head that this was the year I was going to get a big enough pumpkin (for Halloween) to live in...sort of like Wiggle going into that house (amazing!)...but in the end, I'd just have this small pumpkin that I didn't begin to fit inside...that's how it is with time, too much of the time...

  2. Alex, I know exactly how you feel. The day goes by and my list stays pretty much the same. All those projects and time gets filled up with other things. Nice to know we are not alone.

  3. I laughed so much watching the video. I play it over and over. Thanks.