Saturday, November 6, 2010

I've been in major avoidance mode lately. The house is a mess, I'm tired all the time, I'm watching wayyyyy too much tv; it sucks. I think I've been avoiding my grad school apps. I think I will implement a no TV week to try and set things straight.
I did manage to get one floor clean today, but that means there are still two to go. Ugh. While vacuuming today, Wiggle spent most of the time actually between my legs, or trying to drive his walker on top of the vacuum. It makes things challenging, to say the least.
C has offered me a free weekend next weekend, but I need to figure out what to do with it. I want to keep the cost down as much as possible, but I still want to do something fun. I'll have to look into it more this week.
Happy, happy, happy
A man surveying his vast M&M empire
Climbing in the cold
Seriously, I need to get him to wear some mittens!
My handsome date for Saturday night


  1. I understand avoidance mode. One of the many terrific things about having Mike here, for me, is that I watch almost no TV, to the point that I'm thinking of canceling cable. We watch movies, but that's a deliberate decision. Of course, when you were little, I counted on the TV to help me make it through the day. I looked forward to Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers almost as much as you kids did, because that was free time for me as a mom!

  2. Of course you are tired. Keeping up with Wiggle is not easy.