Monday, November 1, 2010


How did it get to be November? I know it was Halloween yesterday, but I really wasn't prepared for it to be November today. C will be going to Montreal this weekend for a "conference," so I will have the boy by myself for a few days. I jest about C, but he does get to gallivant around with a bunch of his friends in an awesome city for 3 days. Do I sound jealous? Because, I just want to be clear -  I am.

Wiggle has been doing some crazy cute things lately. Last night, he had some M&M's from his Halloween candy. He had one in each hand and was singing and talking about their colors when he handed an orange one to C. C was on the phone with a friend and absentmindedly popped it in his mouth. Wiggle was dumbfounded. At first, I thought he was upset that C had eaten his M&M, but when Wiggle quickly popped the other one into his mouth and started to grin, I realized that he hadn't known you could eat them. He thought they were beads! He then enthusiastically ate the rest of the miniature bag, until he got to the last one. He must have held onto the last one for 20 minutes. Tonight after dinner he got another bag, and C said he danced and sang songs to each and every M.

Cute thing #2,670,321 - He would mix "Happy Birthday!" into his "Happy Halloween!" greetings yesterday. He's only ever been to one birthday party, but somehow "Happy Birthday" got in there.


  1. What, not HAPPY YOU YOU?!?!?!?! That's what you said, at every opportunity, at about this age...and I loved it, because it covered EVERYTHING!

  2. LOL! And I love that he thought they were beads and was still thrilled with them!