Sunday, October 31, 2010


Although this is technically our second Halloween with Wiggle, we didn't do anything for it last year, so I consider this year our first Halloween. We did the whole deal - he wore his chicken costume to music class on Thursday, and then we went to a Halloween party at the library. 
This is how he started the party
And this is how he looked at the end
On Friday, he wore his costume again to the last potluck of the season. 

On Saturday there we didn't have any Halloween related activities, but we did go to the Rally to Restore Sanity, which was awesome.
Does it get any more Washington than this?
Wiggle was blown away by the crowd
Listening to some nearby politicos
This one looks real, no?
Today we went over to campus for Witch Watch, an event put on by the various fraternities and sororities. There were games, crafts, and, of course, candy.
Checking out the tables

Is that a chicken I see there?
His first taste of proper candy, a Tootsie Roll. He immediately asked for "MORE!"
After Witch Watch, we headed to the 'hood for some good old fashioned trick or treating.
Greeting his friend; the boy digs hugs.

Strutting his stuff
He even stopped by our own house with a very cute Nemo
The crew

It was a fantastic first Halloween. We had a lot of fun, Wiggle had a lot of fun, and there was a minimal amount of crying. I'm already getting excited about Christmas...


  1. It looks like he had a WONDERFUL Halloween! I love the pics!

  2. That is the cutest chicken I ever saw. Also, love that new wind blown look.