Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Speed Demon

We took the side off of Wiggle's crib today. He had been climbing out about a month ago, but then stopped after a couple of days, so we didn't move forward with anything. This week though, he has woken us up both in the morning and in the middle of the night by coming in our room, plus I saw him take a pretty nasty header, so off came the side. He is fine with the change conceptually, but of course, he is tempted to come out instead of just going to bed. I am having a harder time with the change than he is, I think. It seems like such a sign that he is growing up, and I'm not totally ready for it. He's not my little baby anymore.

There is a cure for that though, isn't there? Not quite yet, but soon, I think.

Otherwise, things are good, but I really need to work on my graduate school apps and ask for recc's. I hate this part of going to school. On the plus side, I have decided a PhD program is not for me. I don't really have any interest in doing research, and I want as much time with my family as possible, so the MSW route feels right. I think I could be very happy becoming an LCSW, and I think I would be pretty good at it, after some training, of course.

Next on the horizon? Apple picking, pumpkin carving, Halloween. Any ideas for costumes for me and C?


  1. Aaarrgggh, I hated asking for reps. And the one guy I thought would be great to ask, because he'd begged me to ask him, was my wonderful, UChicago educated, retired from UT Austin philosophy professor...whom I didn't ask for a recommendation when I aced his class (a mistake on my part)...and when I returned several months later to ask for the recommendation, had trouble remembering me...a humbling moment (but only one of many)

  2. Sounds like Wiggle has places to go and things to do.