Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Emperor Needs Old Clothes

The latest battleground? Clothes. Today, I got him dressed to go to music class, but I still needed to get dressed, plus it was pouring outside and we walk to class, so his cooperation was essential. While I was trying to get dressed, he threw a conniption fit, pulling on his clothes, rolling around on the floor, hyperventilating; the whole nine yards. I took off his shirt, thinking he might prefer another, then the pants came off, and the diaper. Then screaming continued for reasons I couldn't ascertain, so I held him and comforted him. He promptly fell asleep. C managed to help me transfer him to his crib and put on a diaper. He only ended up sleeping for about 30 minutes, but I think he needed to catch up a bit after our nocturnal adventures in toddler bed transitioning last night.

Tonight, we've had one waking already, but he went down without a million trips to the door, so, hopefully, tomorrow will be even better.

As for me, I've been feeling a little stir crazy lately. Dealing with him has been really frustrating because so much of the time I can really reason with him, but then there are the other times... It makes me feel like whimsy rules my day, and I do better with a schedule than whimsy.

Free time tomorrow morning should help.


  1. Conniption fit...I haven't heard that phrase in years, but it's one that my mom used, as in "Daddy will have a conniption fit if you do that!" When she said that, I knew I'd better not do it, whatever it was...and re Wiggle...I sympathize...

  2. The days seem endless, but the years fly by too quickly.