Friday, October 15, 2010

The Sting of Rejection

I'm sitting here in the living room watching endless HGTV house hunting shows. A few minutes ago I heard the pitter-patter of little feet and the creak of a door opening, so I rushed upstairs to meet my little wayward toddler on his nighttime excursion, but when I got to the top of the stairs, I didn't see anything and his door was closed. Perplexed, I checked in our room, but C was fast asleep. I was about to chalk it up to feline exuberance when I saw Wiggle's door open a crack. I turned and opened my arms to receive my little boy, but the door quickly closed again. When I walked up to the door and turned the handle, it was shut abruptly. I tried knocking and entering, but a little body was laying against the door to block my entry. I felt utterly dejected.
I tried again in a few minutes and was able to get in and pick my slumbering boy off the floor and put him in his crib again. I am really glad that he is not coming out of his room every time he wakes up now, but wow, that was fast. He practically doesn't need me anymore. I never thought I would feel this way about being a mother. He's only 20 months old! How will I deal with him being a teenager?

They grow up so fast.


  1. He practically didn't need you for a couple of minutes tonight, while he exercised his newly discovered independence. Speaking (ahem) from personal experience, I predict he'll continue to need you, in new and exciting ways, ad infinitem...and for the most part, this is pretty terrific.

  2. Sounds like he is already practicing to be a teenager, only he is sneaking out instead of in.