Friday, November 19, 2010

Going Uphill

Yesterday, Wiggle fell asleep on the way home from a late morning playgroup, but I woke him up when I was changing his diaper before I put him down for his nap. I thought he was still going to go down, so I sat outside of his room as I normally do, and waited for him to fall asleep. Then it got quiet; not asleep quiet, but "oh, crap" quiet. I opened the door to check on him, and found this.
He had absconded with the pen earlier in the day and apparently hid it.
He eventually went down around 5 o'clock; we had to wake him up at 6:30 pm, so he wouldn't be up all night. Some days are crazy.
Today we went to our last music class of the session. We start up again in two weeks though, so it's only a short break. Then he had a nap, while I worked my abs on a video. When he woke up, we had lunch and then went our for our first "jog" in the jogging stroller. I ran whenever I could, but these hills are killing me. Both up and down are hard to maneuver with a stroller. Then he watched a little Nemo while I made couscous stuffed peppers for dinner. The stroller was great; lightweight and easy to navigate. 
In the middle of our walk we went to a park where Wiggle played in the sandbox.

How did he get so grown up?
He's also started requesting songs by title. He'd done it for awhile with the music on his mp3 player, but now he's started with things we hear on Pandora. The other day he asked for "Monkeys!" C and I thought and thought and suggested any monkey related song we knew, but he refused them all. He also told us that it was "green." He had apparently looked at the album cover that had come up when the song was playing and remembered it. We managed to find the song - a version of "5 monkeys jumping on the bed," by chance, but it was a lucky find to be sure. I seriously can't keep up with him sometimes. The boy blows my mind nearly every day,


  1. I'm sitting here laughing, thinking of him absconding with a pen...of course, easy for me to laugh, harder when you're the mom...honey, he's SO bright!

  2. Nice drawing on his legs. He looks so cute in that hat. Yes, he is very smart and a joy to us all. Way to go Silas!