Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life is Cherry

It's cherry blossom time around here - sort of. It is, but we have had several nights of freezing weather, as well as a light snow since the trees have started to blossom, so things seem to be progressing a little more slowly than what I guess is usual.

We did manage to go out and get a few pics though, even in the less than ideal temperatures.
Here's a rare pic where Wiggle and I both have our eyes open and are looking at the camera. If looks could kill.... 
This is a not-so-rare one of C and Wiggle looking at the camera with their eyes open. I wonder what the difference could be?
My little mischievous Puck
Our best attempt of the day at a family photo.
The Washington Monument and some cherry blossoms
Just blossoms

For the dust jacket...

A rare shot of me and C together
My handsome guys
Me and Wiggle under a canopy of pink
The weekend also consisted of open houses, some good food, and lots of fun.


  1. What great pics. You all look great. I love Washington during Cherry Blossom Time, sorry this year looks like a bit of a bummer.

  2. The last one features you both looking at camera, eyes open, AND smiling! I am only now appreciating how rare that is with a preschooler!

    Great pictures!