Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Maybe it's the constant change from warm to cold, maybe it's the rain, maybe it's something else entirely, but my brain has been super-fuzzy lately. I feel like there's a low hum going on inside all of the time. When we have a really bright and sunny day, I seem to come out of my stupor a bit, so there may be something to the weather allegations. Otherwise, it's probably stress and avoidance. I have started some major spring cleaning, but completing tasks is easier said than done with a rambunctious toddler underfoot.

I did manage to get the bed switched from winter to spring mode.

Wiggle immediately liked spring mode better , too.
Now that I have pictures, I realize that I would like to switch the navy blue king shams for something in a lighter color, but otherwise, I like both the spring look and feel. Our quilt which is from The Company Store years ago, has aged by getting a little stiffer and more crisp (not in color, but in feel), and the sheets I prefer in the summer are crisp too. I can't understand why almost all sheets are now in the dreaded sateen finish. I much prefer my sheets to be like a good men's dress shirt; you don't want it to drape over the body, instead it should have a little body of it's own.

I have also put away winter coats, boots, and the woolens even though I haven't yet taken out the shorts and tank tops.

Wiggle's room is getting some work too. Although I haven't managed to get rid of a lot of toys, I have gone through and taken out anything that is too young for him. I still have to go through that pile and decide what we keep for posterity, what's kept for the next one, and what just goes to the thrift store. I thought originally that almost all of the battery-operated toys would go to new homes, but a shocking number of them are still around much to Wiggle's delight and my chagrin. 

While playing with Wiggle and his toys to see what gets the most play, I've also realized he could use some fake kitchen stuff. We have a lot of felt food and a few utensils, but today he tried to give me tea for "tea-time!" and we didn't have any toy cups. Ever the imaginative boy, we drank out of lamp posts from his train set (they also doubled as horns in the fake band we had a few minutes later). 

When we're not spring cleaning, we can often be found at the park doing all the things the big kids do.
Big kids spend time looking cool

And swinging like monkeys

Sometimes we hang out on the hill behind our house. The sky looks awesome and big from there.

This weekend the cherry blossoms are supposed to be in full bloom, so there will be pictures soon! I'm kind of stupid excited about it.


  1. I'm in full spring mode here, too, meaning last night I made the first batch of frozen strawberry margaritas of the season. Of course Mike & I had to sample, and I'd say they're up to par!

    I like the spring look and as for Wiggle...he's getting SO BIG! And more handsome by the day!

  2. We LOVE our tea set from IKEA, and you can't beat $10.

  3. I would very much like to know the name of your fake band.

    Have you seen the DIY play kitchens that were making the rounds on blogs a few years back? So cute.

  4. Wiggle looks so grown up. Are you feeding him some beans from Jack in the Beanstalk?