Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At swim class today, Wiggle was zoomin'. All the other parents and the instructor were saying that he would be swimming by himself in no time. He spent a lot of time going under the water, laughing and smiling the whole time. Afterward, I went to the gym, and did my time on the treadmill unenthusiastically, but diligently.
Tomorrow, we have our first Mommy and Me class at the local rec center. I hope Wiggle and I meet some fun new people.
Mommy's little boy


  1. That's just ridiculously cute.

  2. Water Baby! No surprise, as I see it, Wiggles is great at everything he tries. As his Nonna I am NOT biased at all.

  3. Can any boy love his mommy more?

  4. Oh, there's a boy who LOVES his Mommy! Wow. I loved seeing and hearing that!