Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Best Kind of Sunday

This morning I awoke to fresh blueberry muffins and coffee, thanks to my wonderful husband. It was overcast and rainy outside, which is my favorite kind of weather. In our new house my favorite weather is paired with my favorite view, green and hilly. What can I say? It's my Scottish ancestry, I guess. We lazed around inside for the rest of the morning.

After Wiggle's nap, we went to the library where Wiggle scored some new books to pour over, and I scored a GRE practice test book, a couple of career aptitude books, some cookbooks, and a knitting book. Overall, it was a good haul. I have a couple of fiction books in the hopper at home, but I wasn't able to get the book that my book club is reading. I might have to read it online, which I'm kind of dreading, but the meeting is this Saturday, so it may be the only viable option. Then we ran to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things, but made a pit stop at the frozen yogurt/gelato place next door. Wiggle enjoyed mango and mint chocolate chip gelatos.

As we drove home from the library, Wiggle said "house" and "playground" when we reached the neighborhood. Naturally, we walked over to the playlot and horsed long enough for Wiggle to start being a little wobbly with fatigue. On the way home, we met another of our neighbors and his son, who is almost three. Wiggle followed the older boy around, who was pretending to be some kind of monster, with rapt attention. His mom is home too, so we will probably be seeing a lot more of him.

For dinner, we had some more of the delicious candy tomatoes in a pasta salad. This is the way I would like every Sunday to go, and I don't really see any reason why most of them can't be like this. I have a pretty good life.
A boy wolfing down gelato and tasting our frozen yogurt

At the playlot

Climb it!

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  1. She LOVED this video and kept saying "More" to watch it over and over again! And that hat is too cute!