Thursday, September 16, 2010

Family -Time

Nonna, Pop-pop, and Aunt M arrived today! Wiggle was super excited. He went through all of the paces, impressing and entertaining the troops, so to speak. C had to teach tonight, so the rest of us went out to dinner at Coastal Flats. I had a shrimp roll, and Wiggle had a lot of bread, butter, and some crab dip. Wiggle, of course,  charmed all of the waiters and the hostesses and the patrons in nearby booths.

I was a little disappointed to find out that Nonna wouldn't be staying at the house because I was looking forward to going on a date or even two? with C, but, hey, going out, on the weekend, at night, is overrated, right? Perhaps a lunch date is in order.

Tomorrow, Wiggle will be spoiled with clothes and toys, which is just the way he and the in-laws want it, so I think everyone will be happy. Then, if the weather is nice, the neighborhood block party. Friday night looks pretty good from here.


  1. When Mike & I come we'll be staying with you, and you'll definitely be going on dates!

  2. We enjoyed our dinner with Wiggles at Coastal Flats. He was a hit.