Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dead Tired

This might be categorized as TMI, but ever since Wiggle, before I get my period, I get absolutely exhausted. I mean, I just yawn all day. I even nap when Wiggle takes his nap, but I could sleep until 6 or 7 at night easily. I started taking a B12 supplement today because I read that is supposed to help. In the meantime, I will sleepwalk through the next few days.

This morning Wiggle and I went to our new playgroup. There were a couple of other kids around his age, and all of the kids and their parents seemed very nice. Wiggle loved playing with "kids!" and went down for his na[ around 12:30 pm instead of 1:30 pm, which I welcomed.

We spent the afternoon coloring and Wiggle correctly identified red, green, purple, blue, yellow, black, and brown. Then he requested his dinosaur coloring book which was quickly followed by dumping all of the crayons and pencils on the floor.

This evening we went outside and Wiggle rode his tricycle down the street. It was pretty awesome. We met C on the way home, and then we played at the playground for a little while before dinner.

Other than the exhaustion, it was a pretty good day.


  1. Hormones can be a real pain. Hope the vitamins help. You need lots of energy to keep up with Wiggle.
    Glad he met some nice kids. He really is so friendly and loves people.

  2. I'm so amazed that he can already ride a tricycle! It sounds like a wonderful day!

  3. Glad he met some kids his age. He really enjoys being around other children.