Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free Time

We have started a babysitting swap with a neighbor, so tomorrow I have four hours of free-time tomorrow morning. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do during the time. In some ways it feels like it will be an eternity, in other ways it feels like it's no time at all. Nothing seems like it's worth it. C is going to take Wiggle over in the morning, so I can sleep in a little bit.

Today we went to music class, and it was raining, so on the way home we had to stop and do a little splashing and some singing.

He insisted on holding the umbrella

C said this shirt was too preppy, but I think he looks great.
(That's also the New Yorker that he's reading)


  1. He is SO handsome! And I love these little movies; oh, how my Mom would have loved to see movies of you and Kath at this age! We're so lucky to have this technology! Enjoy your 4 hours. I predict you'll love it!

  2. Is that Gene Kelly singing in the rain?

    I agree the shirt looks great.