Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Own Private Economic Stimulus Package

We did our part for the economy today. Wiggle made his first trip to Toys-R-Us, and I didn't know if we'd ever get him out again. He got a big dump truck with plenty of "beeps." I tried to push for a non-noisy one, but was told "no beeps, mom!" and was vetoed. He also got some new puzzles, a big megablocks set, a playmat, some Matchbox cars, and a couple of books. Quite a haul. Then we went to Target, where the boy charmed us into buying him yet another fall jacket by looking so darn handsome. Don't worry, there will be pictures. Oh, and shoes! Some really cute brown boots. The boy was flying high with no nap and more attention than is good for anyone. To top it off, I procured a tricycle from Craigslist that he pedaled himself his first time on it! The boy is amazing.
Nonna, Aunt M, and Pop-pop babysat while we went out to dinner. We sat outside at a little Thai place; it was so nice to go out and have some time to ourselves.
Tomorrow, Nonna has requested a trip to IKEA because she's never been to one. I am quite positive she has no idea what she's in for, but it should be a fun trip. Plus, there are meatballs, a Wiggle favorite.
I will try to remember to bring a camera tomorrow because my recent posts have been sorely lacking in photos.


  1. "No beeps, Mom!" - I love it! And he can already pedal...that's amazing! It sounds like everyone's having a wonderful time! Say hi to everyone for me, and give Wiggle a BIG hug from me!


  2. We enjoyed our shopping day. Wiggles sure knows what he wants. If it doesn't beep, he doesn't want it. He also says "no noise" to clarify.

    I was happy to give you and Chris a date night, however, I was even more excited about
    sharing in Wiggles' bedtime routine and reading his favorite stories. He would say, "I pick".